Here’s everything you need to know about NASA’s Perseverance Rover Mission on Mars

Here's everything you need to know about NASA's Perseverance Rover Mission on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover made history earlier this year by successfully landing on the red planet. Nearly seven months after its takeoff, the Perseverance rover landed at Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 19, 2021. Here’s all we know about NASA’s rover mission.

What is a rover?

Ans: According to the generally acknowledged definition, a meanderer (or once in a while planetary wanderer) is a “planetary surface investigation gadget intended to get across the strong surface on a planet or other planetary-mass divine bodies. A few wanderers have been planned as land vehicles to ship individuals from a human spaceflight group; others have been part of the way or completely independent robots. Meanderers are normally made to arrive on another planet (other than Earth) through a lander-style shuttle, entrusted to gather data about the landscape and to take covering tests like residue, soil, shakes, and even fluids.”

Who is controlling NASA’s Mars rover?

Ans: Professor Sanjeev Gupta, a researcher with NASA is controlling the Mars meanderer Perseverance from his level in south London. Educator Gupta should be at mission control in California yet the COVID-19 pandemic confined him to his level over a beautician in Lewisham. “I ought to be at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, in a progression of workplaces every one around multiple times greater than this parlor, brimming with many researchers and designers with their heads covered in PCs encompassed by huge screens,” Professor Sanjeev Gupta told a few news associations. At the point when he discovered that he would not have the option to work out of mission control in California, Professor Sanjeev Gupta chose to lease a one-room level in Lewisham.

How much did the Rover mission cost?

Ans: Exploring Mars is an expensive endeavor for whichever nation takes it up. All past missions to the red planet have cost billions of dollars and Perseverance is the same. NASA hopes to burn through $2.7 billion on the venture as indicated by research from The Planetary Society, a figure that is required to ascend to $2.9 billion when expansion changes are incorporated toward the finish of its life expectancy.

What has the rover found about Mars until now?

Ans: According to NASA’s Mars investigation program, the pit was loaded up with water to frame a profound lake, yet it evaporated as the environment of the planet advanced. Steadiness meanderer will be utilized to investigate the stones of the old lake bed and return tests through other future missions.

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