Deep Sidhu, denounced in Republic Day viciousness, shipped off 7-day police authority


Sidhu is blamed for inducing a gathering of farmers to storm the Red Fort on Republic Day during the farm hauler march. He has likewise been named in a FIR by police.

Punjabi entertainer turned-lobbyist Deep Sidhu, who is named a blamed in Republic Day savagery case, was captured by Delhi Police Special Cell on Tuesday morning. He was shipped off 7-day police guardianship later at night.

Sidhu, who had lobbied for BJP’s Sunny Deol in 2019 decisions, was found impelling the group during the farm truck rally and viciousness at Red Fort, said the police.

A week ago, the Delhi Police declared a monetary compensation of Rs 1 lakh each for data on Sidhu and two of his partners.

A few attacks were led in Punjab and Delhi to search for the denounced, said the police. Till date, in excess of 44 FIRs have been enrolled and 127 people captured regarding the viciousness on Republic Day

After the farm truck rally on January 26, there was a gigantic shock over nonconformists raising a strict banner at the Red Fort. Sidhu, who was available during the episode, tried to safeguard their activity, saying they didn’t eliminate the public banner and had set up the ‘Nishan Sahib’ as an emblematic dissent.

The 36-year-old transferred two recordings on his Facebook page asserting that individuals “all alone” walked towards the Red Fort from all the Delhi verges on January 26. He said that relatively few individuals took the course chose by rancher pioneers who are “egotistical” and “need whatever choices they take ought to be acknowledged by all”.

Sidhu and his sibling, Mandeep Singh, were among those gathered by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently regarding a body of evidence recorded against the Sikhs For Justice.

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