Message from NASA Acting Administrator Steve Jurczyk and Senior White House Appointee Bhavya Lal

Steve Jurczyk message

As we start this next part for NASA, we need to express gratitude toward Jim Bridenstine and Jim Morhard for their administration and authority of the organization through the numerous extraordinary victories and impressive difficulties of the most recent couple of years.

We additionally couldn’t be prouder of how every government worker and contract based worker has ventured up to push the NASA mission ahead while paying special mind to the wellbeing, security, and prosperity of the whole group. NASA speaks to the most amazing aspect America, and the most awesome aspect American qualities: difficult work, assurance, and inventiveness. Furthermore, this office has demonstrated, consistently, that the sky is the limit when we meet up, separate obstructions, make openings, and envision another tomorrow.

We face extraordinary difficulties in our country today with a general wellbeing emergency, financial difficulties, and a retribution with racial treachery and imbalance. And we all – as Americans and as community workers – are called to address those difficulties.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s obligation to variety, value and incorporation, fighting environmental change, and making financial chance for all Americans is genuine – and we as a whole have a task to carry out in transforming that responsibility right into it. At NASA, we grasp variety since we comprehend that various conclusions, foundations, and viewpoints establish an enhancing climate that powers development and self-improvement. Each distinction of assessment, foundation, or viewpoint is a chance to learn and fabricate connections in the working environment that will make us more grounded as an office and as people. This is the manner by which we get past troublesome occasions. It’s likewise how we accomplish missions of unmatched intricacy and desire that motivate the world.

As new individuals from the NASA authority group go along with us and we get ready for an energizing future, we need everybody to know the accompanying:

Your wellbeing, pride, and option to be seen, heard, and regarded are central

Your commitments to the NASA mission are basic to our prosperity

Your diligent effort has been and will keep on being vital to causing us move past any difficulties we face.

We have some underlying arrangements from the new organization: Alicia Brown has been named NASA’s Associate Administrator for Legislative Affairs and Intergovernmental Affairs (OLIA), and Marc Etkind will be the Associate Administrator for Communications. It would be ideal if you go along with us in giving them a warm greeting to the NASA family. There will be other new faces showing up at Headquarters, and we will discuss these improvements with you.

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