After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger introduces new ‘Vanish Mode’: Here’s how it works


After the introduction of disappearing messages on WhatsApp, Facebook is ready to roll out a similar feature on its Messenger platform. The new feature, as the name suggests, will cause messages to disappear once the receiver has read it in their chat and closed the window.

The company released a statement announcing the new feature and the intent behind it. The company claims that the feature has been built into the app to help the user “be in the moment, and share with close friends and family without worrying about your chats sticking around.” In the release, Facebook said the feature is best suited for memes, GIFs, stickers, or reactions that are cool when you send them, but you may not want them to stick in your chat history.

In order to use this new feature, the user will need to to swipe up on the phone in an existing chat thread, and then he or she will be in vanish mode. If the user swipes up again, they will return to regular chat. To provide instructions and make it simpler for the user to understand, the feature will be demonstrated within the application.

This new feature will initially be launched in US and a few other countries. The company also claimed that it will soon be rolled out in the EU countries. WhatsApp and Instagram have already started implementing the feature. Facebook had announced the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp last week.

In order for the user to send vanishing messages, both the sender and the receiver will have to activate the feature. It won’t work if either of the parties have not opted in. Similar to how Snapchat posts worked, the platform with inform the sender if the receiver takes a screenshot of the message that has been sent on Messenger.

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