A Guide on How to Teach Kids to Build an App

A Guide on How to Teach Kids to Build an App

Building an app is an enjoyable process as the designer has to think of every aspect right from the aesthetic to the back-end programming. Python programming for kids is the key requirement to build an app from scratch, and they can have a monopoly over it. However, not all kids can code at an expert level. In this article, we will learn how students of any age can build an app.

1. Kids Who Are Just Getting Started

For kids who have little or no programming experience, an app creation tool will be required that can help them realize their vision and create a product that they want. An app creation allows non-programmers to create software with programming features. However, one major drawback of using such tools is that the designer will not have the kind of control over the app that he could get had he been coding from scratch. He might not be able to create complicated designs, and the app created might not run quickly and seamlessly. Thus, using such tools is a good first step to app development for kids. However, in the long run, learning how to code and build the app from scratch is more beneficial. We will list a few tools that help students to create apps without coding.

  • Game Salad: it allows users to drag and drop features to create apps for iPhone and Android.
  • Gamemaker: it can be used to create many types of computer games that can be redistributed on platforms such as iOS and Android.
  • Stencyl: can be used to create iOS and Flash 2D games.

2. Kids Who Have Some Programming Knowledge

If your child has prior knowledge of programming but is not a hardcore programmer, there are several platforms or frameworks available to kids if they want to try out something new. They can create new apps and deploy them on Android and iOS platforms. This can also be an intermediate step for students who want to move on to coding in software as it can work as a learning experience. One drawback of the third-party platforms is that your kid will not have complete control over the features of the app. However, it acts as a means for kids to transition from being non-programmers to mastering the subject. You can use the following third-party platforms to build apps.

  • Unity 3D – it allows the user to create advanced 3D games.
  • Phonegap – allows users to program in HTML, CSS and then uses a JavaScript API to convert it to Android and iOS.

3. Kids Who Know Programming

To make an Android or iOS app, kids who know programming can follow the steps given below.

  • Have a good understanding of Java, C++, PHP, and object-oriented programming.
  • Need a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.
  • For Apple, they will have to join the iOS developer program by paying a fee.
  • Download the Apple development software kit (XCode) or the Android Development Software kit.
  • For Apple, they will need to learn the Cocoa framework and Objective C.

By following these steps, kids can create their own app on either Android or iOS.


To develop a good app, a child needs to know how to code using programming languages. The best way to do this is by joining a reliable institution such as Cuemath. The certified tutors at Cuemath ensure that a student has a clear foundation of computer science concepts and delivers an impactful lecture using various resources. Thus, a student is sure to master the subject in no time.

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