The Most Unique Flower Decoration Ideas For Various Occasions


Flowers play a major role in our lives- especially on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, house warming, etc. On important days like these, we generally decorate our house or the rented venue with fresh flowers to add beauty to it. After all, flowers have the power to instantly make a place look ten times more gorgeous. Don’t you agree? Even an ordinary house which has nothing but just the four walls can look like the most beautiful venue if decorated properly- that’s the magic of flowers.

Mentioned below are some of the special occasions on which you might need to decorate the venue with flowers and here’s how you can do it:

Floral decor for weddings

Starting from the wedding entrance to the wedding backdrop, the center tables to the wedding cake, a special occasion like wedding calls for flowers everywhere. Whether your venue is a small one or a big one, whether you are throwing a small intimate wedding party or a grand one with a few thousand guests, flowers as a decor item is a must when it comes to weddings. These flowers should go well with the wedding theme and should be kept fresh at least until the party is over. How to do so? Well, use semi-bloomed flowers as these tend to last longer than fully bloomed ones which are most likely to wilt even before the actual event starts, keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heavy rain/snow, and dust. Also, don’t forget to use good quality flowers for the decor, you can in fact order red rose flowers online or any other unique flower as well if you want to find best quality fresh flowers online for the wedding.

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  • Floral decor for house warming

Have you just moved into your gorgeous new house and you want your friends and family to come over for a lovely housewarming party? Well, what are you waiting for? Decorate the house with fresh flowers that complement the colour theme of your new house, it’s not just going to look beautiful but will also add amazing fragrance- thus it is going to be a beautiful and memorable experience for the guests. Make your house stand out among the rest with the help of these fresh flowers!

Floral decor for a birthday

Irrespective of whether there’s a party or not, birthdays should be treated as a special day, don’t you think so? Midnight flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and every other Indian city is now very easily done if you order flowers online- therefore, surprise your loved one at midnight on his or her birthday with some best quality fresh flowers and start this special day in an amazing way. You can also decorate his or her room, or the whole house, with fresh flowers to celebrate this occasion- you can go for flowers like Roses, Tulips, Peonies, Carnations, etc.

Floral decor for Valentine’s Day

Flowers online
Flowers online

Is it even Valentine’s Day if there’s no flower involved? We don’t think so. Whether you are planning an indoor date or an outdoor one, flowers are a must. To surprise your special one, you can send him or her fresh flowers at midnight on Valentine’s Day, plus you can also decorate your house or a rented venue for your special person and invite him or her over. Don’t forget to greet him or her with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers either when you meet them on Valentine’s Day- it’s a really sweet and respectful gesture. If you are planning on a dinner or lunch date, you can also kee some fresh flowers on the table but make sure these flowers are not too tall or too big as that can make it difficult for the two of you to talk and create memories and you don’t want that.

Roses definitely do make the best choice for Valentine’s Day, especially red roses, but if you want to go ahead with something a little less common and cliche, then you are free to choose from options like the Carnation, Lilies, Tulips, Peonies, Sunflowers, Orchids, etc.- they are all excellent choices for special ones!

Make any occasion stand out with the help of fresh flowers as gifts and decor- they really do have the power to make people feel good and also add beauty to any given place. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself for your next event- be it Valentine’s Day with your partner, your parents’ anniversary, your sibling’s birthday, your best friend’s wedding, your neighbour’s housewarming party, your colleague’s bridal shower, your niece’s graduation party, your cousins’ baby shower, or literally anything else. Flowers are perfect for any and every occasion!

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