Cool, Catchy Redguard Names

Redguard Names

Redguard are the human race in the (ESO) Elder Scrolls Online. This playable race has various races and also different bonus offers or organizations accordingly. It permits the gamers to select the race, creation of characters as well as naming their personality RedGuard Names.

The option of Redguard Labels is a little tough than developing a character. Yet you can find motivation from this post for your Redguard character name. Before jumping to the words provide, you may be curious to recognize fascinating things and also the history of Redguards. (Review Also Necromancer Names).


Redguards are originated from an old lost continent of Yokuda. Their continent vanishes in the sea that’s why they relocated fleets towards Tamriel. Yokudans are known for their martial art and courage.

In addition to the strong body, Redguards have the dark skin look with a red colour. These desert warriors are wonderful followers of their society as well as believe in maintaining their genealogical worths.

They do not count on wonderful things but like to settle conflicts with the sword. The Redgurads can withstand toxins as well as strike rapidly and appropriately. They also have mastery of the fight or melee tools.

Catchy Redguard Names.

Redguards are from in the Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant. If you like to choose Redguard, then you have to allies with the Orcs and also Bretons. These things are enough to get to know that Redguards are birthed to battle.


In this post, We talk about the Redguard Skyrim Names. Redguard are humankind in the Senior Scrolls Online (ESO). Redguards are stemmed from a shed continent of Yokuda. Their continent vanish in the sea that’s why they moved in fleets towards Tamriel. Yokudans are famous for their martial art and also fearlessness.


Achel Domba Jart Neminda
Alusannah Dortodd Jaline Penald
Bodean Ena Jon Relinda
Coyeem Ennah Kalorter Raig
Clusst Rlollon Elone Kanet Sason
Chark Frink Laire Stargel
Caminda Gwen Lidebras Soriy Choct-E
Cluson Hussonia Miniel Therdon
Daron Hickim Manicky Tralan
Dinok Ian Nannithon Vilamon
Achel Alusannah Bodean Coyeem Chark Caminda Cluson Daron Dinok Domba
Dortodd Ena Ennah Elone Frink Gwen Hickim Ian Jart Jaline
Jon Kalorter Kanet Laire Lidebras Miniel Manicky Neminda Penald Relinda
Raig Sason Stargel Therdon Tralan Vilamon Waylas Trasteve Torline Stenet
Silasson Rinina Rithleen

Redguards are based in the Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant. If you choose Redguard then you have to allies with the Orcs and Bretons. These things are enough to know that Redguards are born to battle.


Here is the list of Redguard male names compiled from the ESO.

AvikA Redguard snake in Stros M’Kai.
BasilThe leader of the Restless League
BrennanCaptain of the ship that brings Cyrus.
CoyleA young Yokudan boy found in the camp north of town
CyrusA Redguard mercenary and the game’s protagonist.
DelmarA Redguard enchanter and wizard of the Mages Guild
FavisAn old deaf man residing in the bell.
HillodA wanted Redguard thief.
JaganvirThe Archmage of the Mage’s Guild.
KotaroA Redguard Middleman who runs the contractor’s table.
LakeneA Redguard Handyman
MaikoA man works at the Cartographer
PrnellSlightly blind telescope operator
TrithikA local Redguard sailor.
VanderA member of Restless League
VoaThe previous Archmage killed in the battle of Stros M’Kai.
WinsonA Redguard Commoner


Here are the list of Redguard female names compiled from the ESO.

IszaraShe is the sister of Cyrus
KrisandraRedguard woman who owns the silversmith
MariahA Redguard gardener
SabanAn elderly Yokudan witch mother
SionaRedguard’s working woman
YaeliRedguard sea captain who takes Cyrus by ship
RonaA Redguard bandit who is a devout worshipper of the Daedric Prince.
TaviaA Redguard commoner girl
MirisaA Redguard hunter
OletaA Redguard priest


Here is the list of Some Cool Redguard Names compiled from the ESO.



AhtarHe is a Redguard warrior in Solitude
AlesanA Redguard child lives in Dawnstar
BaralBaral Sendu is a Redguard farmer
BrenuinHe is a Redguard beggar
EndonA citizen of Redguard who is usually in the Silver-Blood Inn
FalionHe is a conjurer Redguard and resident wizard of Morthal
HaldynAn elemental mage of Redguard
IsranA blacksmith Redguard
JawananA Redguard Fletcher
KaydA little rude Redguard child
ManiA Redguard who moved from the Hammerfell with his family
NazirAn assassin Redguard and a member of Dark Brotherhood
RazelanA drunk Redguard merchant
ShadrA Redguard farmer who lives in Riften
TalibA Redguard mage living in Stonehills


Here is the list of Redguard Skyrim female names compiled from the ESO.

AtmahShe is ghost of a Redguard sorceress
BraithShe is a child living in Whiterun
ErianaOne of the hunters and bandit Redguard
FaleenShe is a Redguard warrior and the housecarl
JayriShe camped out in Dayspring Canyon
NiyyaShe is a prisoner and sorceress
SaymaA general goods merchant
ToniliaA pawnbroker Redguard
YisraShe is a student at the College of Winterhold
ZariaShe immigrated to Skyrim to explore poisons

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