Acquiring the green card by marriage In the United States:

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On the off chance that you are hitched to an American resident and need to move to the United States, disregard ESTA! You need a Green Card (lasting inhabitant card). The green card, offering perpetual home to its holder, is exceptionally famous. Getting it is dependent upon a few qualification measures and a perplexing cycle like the obstruction course. There are a few strategies for getting it: by a relative, by a business, for political reasons, because of a draw for the yearly lottery (green card lottery), and so forth Here we center around getting a Green Card through marriage.


It’s a given that the condition natural for this technique for acquiring the Green Card is marriage. The Green Card by marriage can be acquired by the spouse or wife of a US resident or Green Card holder, who at that point turns into the support.


It is up to the US resident, or holder of the green card, to make the strides for the benefit of the individual wishing to acquire the green card by marriage.

The initial step is to finished Form I-130 which is the request for an unfamiliar relative. This structure is made out of 12 pages, which gives a thought of the power of the methods mentioned by the American specialists. The smallest missing data will bring about the refusal of the solicitation. It is additionally conceivable to approach a particular legal counselor to put all the odds on your side.

The structure ought to be shipped off the Department of State, through the US Embassy or US Consulate in the nation of origin, with installment of a $ 535 application expense.

On the off chance that the application is affirmed by the US government, the record is shipped off the National Visa Center for a foreigner visa number. In the event that it is can’t, the explanations behind the refusal are unmistakably expressed. The chance of engaging, if material, will likewise be referenced.


When the outsider visa number has been given, an arrangement is made with the American Embassy so the record can be introduced. All the supporting archives will be given when making the arrangement. Among them are confirmation of (marriage authentication, evidence of name change, and so on), verification of american ethnicity, a clinical assessment, and so on

On the off chance that the solicitation is acknowledged, the consular official issues a “Visa Packet”. This envelope is saved for the migration official at the purpose of section, it is significant not to open it. The line official will contemplate the substance of the envelope and choose whether or not to allow the holder to enter U.S. soil as a lasting inhabitant.

Note that USCIS settler charges should be paid. They add up to $ 220.


The green card is conveyed via mail, to the US private location, inside 45 days.

On the off chance that the marriage is under two years of age, the green card by marriage is temporary. Inside 90 days of the lapse of the temporary approval, the couple should finish structure I-751 together and go to a meeting with the able specialists. The purpose behind this temporary approval is the battle against trick relationships or more all, the danger of danger to the inward security of the USA if a lasting inhabitant card is given to some unacceptable individual under the appearance of unwarranted family reunification.


On the off chance that the candidate for a Green Card by marriage is in the United States, the techniques are distinctive yet the issue is the equivalent.

Before beginning the systems, it is significant that the candidate is available in the United States in a lawful way. It would be disapproved of, particularly given the current migration strategy, to formally pronounce that you are in a sporadic circumstance.

Likewise with a green card demand by marriage abroad, the solicitation should be made by the US public or the green card holder. The structures to round out are I130 and I-485. Indeed, the structures are complete and require the best focus.

The archives to be given are:

The structures referenced above and confirmation of installment of the expenses brought about

  • Two identification size photographs
  • photocopy of biometric identification
  • a birth declaration
  • photocopy of the visa permitting passage to the USA – and any structure identified with it
  • photocopy of the visa page with the section stamp
  • form I-864 (sworn statement of help) comparing to the candidate’s circumstance
  • form I-693 (clinical assessment and immunization)
  • criminal record

The record is dependent upon the endorsement of USCIS, which sorts out a meeting where the couple should legitimize their solicitation (and their association). Note that the fingerprints will be taken.

The green card is legitimate for a very long time, inexhaustible utilizing the I-90 structure. Reestablish long term green card by the Dygreencard Services. When the green card is in his pocket, the holder is a lasting inhabitant, in other words that he can live in the USA as a US resident (or nearly), which remembers working for the United States. Joined together, do a temporary job there, learn at an American college, and so forth

American naturalization, to get similar rights as American residents, can be mentioned 5 years subsequent to getting the green card.

Note that an individual who is locked in, and not wedded, can apply for a K1 non-settler visa prior to going to the United States for the wedding.

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